Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bring in the bands

I'm happy to say the power was out only for a few minutes and the time clock is working again. Power that's on and a fully-functioning time clock are a couple critical elements for a successful band day competition. And tonight's pretty successful, I'd say, while we're watching the HS bands compete on the field.

Tonight we're in Algona for the annual Algona Band Day Competition. This is Jamie's 19th year as announcer. I'm pleased as punch to be enjoying all the highlights with him up in the press box.

Besides enjoying the best of the area's best high school bands, there are also some great traditions to top off the day, such as fresh donuts from the Rotary's Doughmobile.

And you can definitely tell today is the first of October. Just watch the crowd as the evening moves along. As the temp drops, they sit closer and closer together and pile on the warm layers.

Today's competition host, Algona's Scarlet Regiment, took the field in style...

...and left with a statement as they paused before the audience to play one last time.

It's been fun. Now the last band has finished playing and we're eagerly anticipating the judges' results when the awards ceremony begins soon. May the best band win!

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